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William Powhida's art market pyramid schematic is an encapsulation of the way money drives art distribution.  It's discussed here by the guy who bought the drawing.

Depending on your personality, such things can either depress you . . . or make you feel good.  It makes me feel pretty good because I've only sold work to friends, who definitely didn't buy for the return on investment!

Most self-described artists would give a body part to be represented by a NY gallery but, the fact is, most of them/us never will.

And?  You can just decide you do what you're doing for the love of doing it.  And not money, necessarily, and maybe not for recognition or even respect.   Maybe so your friends at your day job can have something enjoyable to give you shit about.

Of course, if you still want to have your work considered by an established NY gallery, there's always this: Shut Up Already . . . I'll Look at Your Art.  A project in which Powhida is also involved, it's a setting in which Chelsea art dealer Ed Winkelman of Winkelman Gallery pledges to look at each submitted work for no less than 10 seconds, proof of which you get in the form of a certificate embossed with the SUAILAYA seal!

Awesome, right, especially the name which I wish was the name of something I could claim authorship for.

Anyway, here's a picture:

Nepal and Hoody

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